About the Trilogy


The Knights of the Circle wear boron-carbide armour and carry polymer-coated carbon-steel swords. Their riot-shields are emblazoned with the emblems of the Knights of the Round Table. Protected by the Crown, they defend the realm from new threats – gangsters, serial killers, suicide bombers – while adhering to the same code of honour that’s kept them true to the noble memory of King Arthur.

The Green Chapel are protestors, eco-activists, anarchists – in short, outlaws. They live in forest camps or squat in unoccupied properties, recruiting from the disaffected, the disenfranchised, those on the margins of society. Their ‘direct actions’ have one aim: to impoverish the rich and thus enrich the poor. They take their inspiration from a legend with radically different political roots: that of the anti-establishment terrorist and armed robber Robin Hood.

For centuries, these two opposed aspects of the British psyche have coexisted in uneasy peace – each disagreeing vehemently with the other, but tolerating one another’s presence.

No more.


DSCN0043   DSCN0373


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Smart, contemporary political thrillers. A new kind of urban fantasy,


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