This is the website and blog for the Devices trilogy, an urban-fantasy thriller sequence published by Snowbooks in 2014, 2015 and (with luck) 2016. At tcover designime of writing the first volume, The Pendragon Protocol, is fully proofed and ready to go to the printers for its 1 July launch date, while the second volume (title still under wraps for now) is approximately three-quarters written.

The books are about exactly how the myths of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have survived into the 21st century, and the conflict they come into with other British myths that have survived the same way. The wonderful cover image for The Pendragon Protocol was created by the very talented Emma Barnes at Snowbooks.

I’ll be adding more material to the website and this blog as I work on the trilogy, but you can already find brief introductions to the major characters, some details of the heraldry of the books and some desultory information about the author, Philip Purser-Hallard (that would be me).  Any details of promotional events, reviews, tie-in T-shirts or other developments relating to the books will be posted here as soon as they emerge.

I’d sign off with a snappy catchphrase at this point, but unfortunately I forgot to write one into the books. So, erm, bye.

(NB: If you’ve come here from the antiquated petrol-driven website I use for my other books, or from my (now rarely updated) blog,  Peculiar Times, and are wondering what’s going to happen to them… well, it’s a good question. It may depend on how often I’m updating them after this. I don’t want to lose the content, but in the long run they may end up migrating here or hereabouts. )


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