I’m told that The Pendragon Protocol has gone to the printers, so everything’s on course for the full release as planned on 1 July.  There may be a pre-launch at a prominent Bristol bookshop a few days earlier — I’ll post details of that as they become clear

In the meantime, here are some of the ways you can pre-order the paperback edition of the book.

  • The publishers, Snowbooks, are selling it on their website. You have to create an account (and as far as I can see the only way to pay is via PayPal), but the cover price goes straight to the people who made the book, rather than being gobbled up by a retailer. Snowbooks publish a great many other excellent books, including some which may be of interest to readers of the Devices Trilogy, so you may well find this approach worth your while.
  • Amazon is of course stocking it — in the UK, the US, Canada, India, Germany, Japan and probably other countries I haven’t checked (although word doesn’t yet seem to have reached Australia). For some reason none of them know what the cover looks like, and they haven’t yet made the connection that the Philip Purser-Hallard who’s written this book is also the Philip Purser-Hallard who’s written other books in the past, but we live in hope.
  • For those who are very reasonably boycotting Amazon, a cursory Google turns up any number of alternative online stockists, including the Book Depository, BooktopiaFoyles, Speedyhen, Hive and the Guardian bookshop. Many more are available.
  • For those others who are entirely reasonably boycotting any kind of online retailer, local bookshops can order the book using the ISBN 9781909679177. In the UK, the distributors are Gardners Books; in the US, the Ingram Content Group.

The other question I’m being asked is “Will there be an ebook?” There will indeed, but the details of that haven’t been sent out to retailers yet. I’ll update you when they have.

That should help meet your retail needs for the time being, but if you need more, post a comment and I’ll investigate further.


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