Two Exciting Things

Exciting Thing One: I’ll be launching The Pendragon Protocol with a reading and signing at Bristol’s Forbidden Planet Megastore, at 1pm on Saturday 28 June (three days before the official release date of 1 July). If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Bristol, please come — it would be marvellous to see lots of people there, and there’s a very nice pub just down the road that we could repair to afterwards.

(I’ve added an Events page to this website to record this and other milestones. At present, the only other one is a chance for three people to win copies of the book on Goodreads, which I’ll be posting about when it opens.)

Exciting Thing Two: I’m told — indeed, I’ve seen photographic evidence — that Amazon are now shipping copies of The Pendragon Protocol in the UK, a full twenty days before the release date. If you hurry, you might manage to snag one of the five copies they apparently have left.


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