New Stuff

With The Pendragon Protocol now out, I’ve been wondering how to present material on this site for those who’ve read the book, without giving away too much about the plot for its prospective readers. WordPress doesn’t offer a show/hide function for spoiler text, and the old-school method of presenting the text in white and inviting people to select it with their mice is essentially useless for readers with visual impairments, whose screen-readers will read it out to them regardless.

For the moment, then, until there’s been a decent interval for people to read The Pendragon Protocol, I’ve created additional pages marked with spoiler warnings, and used pub signs for spacing purposes.

So, these are the links on which YOU SHOULD NOT CLICK unless you already know the plot of The Pendragon Protocol, or don’t mind knowing about it in advance:

(You can click on the Errata page if you want, though.)


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