Given the fact that 50% of the time this site has the top portion of The Pendragon Protocol, featuring a slice of the Union Jack, as its banner, and that the only review of the book so far (a generally pleasing and sympathetic one) has described Emma Barnes’ very lovely cover as “unfortunately and surely inadvertently Britain First-esque”, I should probably clarify for the nervously-disposed that the post immediately below this one, entitled “Nobody Expects the Islamic Caliphate”, is not in fact a neo-Nazi islamophobic rant, but merely a wry and humorous comment on the difficulty of keeping track of the changing political situation in the Middle East, when said situation unavoidably forms part of the background of your next book.

It should be very obvious from an actual reading of The Pendragon Protocol that I have no time at all for neo-Nazis, and considerable sympathy with ordinary Muslim-type people (though not particularly with murderous jihadist insurgents).

Thank you for your attention.


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