Early Reviews

I’m pleased to say the reviews of The Pendragon Protocol are beginning to trickle in, with a couple more (including one for the British Fantasy Society) expected in the next week or so.

So far we have the following.

Alex Sarll at Goodreads: ‘Our hero is […] a wonderful creation […] The narrator is an inspired choice […] enough happens here that many writers would easily have got a whole trilogy out of it, instead of just the first volume.

Simon Bucher-Jones at Amazon.co.uk: ‘Both an action adventure, and a cool hard look at British Values […] The only reason I don’t give this a five is that I need the wiggle room to score the next book at five.

Finn Clark at Finn Clark’s Reviews: ‘In short, a good’un. […] The more we learn about the devices, the more we’re interested. It’s intelligent, painstakingly thought through and on the evidence so far, with easily enough potential for a trilogy. Admirable.
[NB: You may find this site blocked, if like me you have tediously overzealous anti-virus software which refuses to approve of frames.]

I have to admit (because if I didn’t you might well notice their names in the Acknowledgements) that both Simon and Finn are friends of mine, but I’ve always found their judgement to be trustworthy, and Finn in particular is a prolific, honest and often merciless reviewer. Alex Sarll is one of the winners of the Goodreads giveaway I ran during June, and not someone I know.

[Edit to add: I also discovered this on Tumblr, which encapsulates the book very neatly and shows that the kind of reader I was hoping to reach definitely exists.]

(And then of course there’s this, from Waterstone’s in Bury St Edmunds:)

Pendragon Waterstones 2

(In case you can’t read it, that says: ‘Urban fantasy meets Arthurian legend in modern-day Britain. Featuring secret agencies, shady organisations and some very modern weaponry, this book will hook you in and keep you guessing! An intelligent and refreshingly British read.)

I’m hoping there’ll be more reviews by readers I don’t know in the coming weeks.


One thought on “Early Reviews”

  1. Alex is a friend of mine (I presume he found out about the Goodreads giveaway from me, though he’s read and enjoyed at least some Faction Paradox stuff so may have known about your work anyway) and I can confirm that he too is someone who can and will be absolutely vicious about books he doesn’t like.
    I’ll post my own review within eight hours or so of the ebook becoming available.

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