The Locksley Exploit: News

1. Look! Look! It’s Emma Barnes’ awesome cover for Book Two of The Devices, The Locksley Exploit.

TLE cover

Isn’t it lovely? I love the way it echoes the design of The Pendragon Protocol‘s cover. Also the way it uses the strapline. And how green it is. Mmm.

Here’s that draft blurb in full:

It’s 2015, and Camelot and Sherwood are at war.

The Circle, the UK paramilitary agency whose Knights carry the devices of the members of King Arthur’s Round Table, is hunting the Green Chapel, eco-activists allied to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. For the Knights, this quest is personal as well as political: the Chapel’s leader, Jory Taylor, is himself an errant Knight – and he has stolen the Holy Grail from the British Museum.

But this war is fought with modern weapons, and nowhere – from the Circle’s Thameside fortress to a Bristol squat, from the oldest pub in England to a music festival in Cheshire – will remain untouched.

Before long, the enmity between its greatest heroes will tear Britain apart.

2. The equally exciting news is that The Locksley Exploit is getting an early ebook release: it should be available on Monday 2 March 2015, with the paperback edition to follow on Monday 1 June.  I’ll be posting links when they’re available.

3. In honour of all this, this website has been thoroughly updated, with a revised page for The Locksley Exploit itself, a whole stack more Character pages (including extracts from the text of the book) and an updated Heraldry page featuring more shields. With luck a trailer for the book will follow shortly, to match the one for The Pendragon Protocol.


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