World Book Night

World Book Day in the UK is, confusingly, held on a completely different day from World Book Day in the rest of the world. As well as making a mockery of the whole concept, this caused me unnecessary panic at the beginning of March as I flapped about trying to source a vaguely plausible Robin Hood costume for my five-year-old at very little notice. (Fortunately, green tracksuit bottoms and hoodie with a wooden bow and arrow via Amazon Prime pretty much did the trick.)

Apparently, though, we’re allowed to celebrate World Book Night on the date it’s meant to be: 23 April, the anniversary of the deaths of Shakespeare, Cervantes and Nabokov among others. Which means that at 7:30pm on Thursday 23 April this year, I’ll be at Bristol Central Library, discussing routes into publishing with fellow Bristol authors Fergus McNeill and Lucienne Boyce. The panel event’s called ‘Into Print for World Book Night’, and I just discovered today that there are posters up for it in Bristol Libraries. So, if you’re around in Bristol and free that night, do come along.


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