Locksley Is Coming!

It’s only a few days now before the paperback of The Locksley Exploit is available for general purchasing and consumption: publication date is this Monday, 1 June.

Here are some TLE coverexciting things:

  1. The full front and back cover of The Locksley Exploit, as designed by the brilliant Emma Barnes at Snowbooks.
  2. A recording of me at a BristolCon Fringe event in April, reading the trailer for The Locksley Exploit. (The long-promised recording of me reading the Pendragon Protocol trailer at a Fringe event last August still hasn’t made it to the web, unfortunately.)
  3. Both The Locksley Exploit and The Pendragon Protocol for sale — along with an impressive number of other Snowbooks titles — at the UK’s specialist online SF and fantasy retailer, Spacewitch.

You can also order The Locksley Exploit direct from the publishers, Snowbooks. When its published, this will be its Amazon page.

Monday will also see the exclusive publication on the Snowbooks website of a short story set between the two books — look for a link to that here.


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