Many of the liberties taken with Arthurian and other myths in The Devices Trilogy are entirely deliberate, based on what serves the story best at any given point, and I make no apology for them. 

That doesn’t mean, of course, that the books don’t contain actual errors as well –grammatical and orthographic as well as mythical. I spotted the first of these before The Pendragon Protocol was officially released (but after it was already too late to do anything about it). If there’s ever an opportunity to correct the mistakes listed here for a future edition, I’ll make it a priority. 

(If you spot any other errors which should be noted here, do email me at

The Pendragon Protocol

Page 62: ‘rite-ofpassage’. This should read ‘rite-of-passage’.

Page 102: ‘mortally wounded at Badon’. This should, of course, read ‘mortally wounded at Camlann’. (This is the howler which convinced me this website needed an Errata page. Somehow when writing my brain transposed Arthur’s two most famous battles — the one where he won a decisive victory over the Saxons, and the one where he defeated the pretender Mordred at the cost of his own life. Although entirely aware of the very significant difference between the two, I failed to pick this up on any of the rereads. Mea maxima culpa.)

Page 243: ‘de rigeur’. This should be spelled ‘de rigueur’

The Locksley Exploit

Page 313: ‘the Range Rover’. The Seneschal’s car is, as established on the previous page, a Rolls-Royce.

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