Book 2: The Locksley Exploit

TLE cover


The Locksley Exploit by Philip Purser-Hallard
Snowbooks, 2015
ISBN 9781909679429

It’s 2015, and Camelot and Sherwood are at war.

The Circle, the UK paramilitary agency whose Knights carry the devices of the members of King Arthur’s Round Table, is hunting the Green Chapel, eco-activists allied to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. For the Knights, this quest is personal as well as political: the Chapel’s leader, Jory Taylor, is himself an errant Knight – and he has stolen the Holy Grail from the British Museum.

But this war is fought with modern weapons, and nowhere – from the Circle’s Thameside fortress to a Bristol squat, from the oldest pub in England to a music festival in Cheshire – will remain untouched.

Before long, the enmity between its greatest heroes will tear Britain apart.

‘This is another excellent book from Philip Purser-Hallard, which adds new layers to the fabulous series opener, The Pendragon Protocol… For those readers who equate ‘urban fantasy’ with tales of a Hidden London comprised of secret alleyways, buildings shifted in time and streets accessible only through magic doors, The Locksley Exploit is likely to come as something of a surprise. But for the reader willing to try something different, this is a satisfying continuation of The Pendragon Protocol.’

British Fantasy Society


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