A selection of online reviews of The Pendragon Protocol.

British Fantasy Society: ‘Philip Purser-Hallard is the best kept secret in British genre writing. […] It obviously helps that the basis for the book […] is that rarest of fantasy beasts – an original idea. […] The writing is crisp and clever, the plotting devoid of flab and the cast of characters appealing, interesting and consistent. […] The Pendragon Protocol feels like a fitting updating of The Once and Future King.  I can’t think of any higher praise for this novel.’

Sci-Fi Online: ‘This novel ought to appeal to anyone who has even a passing interest in Arthurian legends. […] The author manages to smuggle in another British legend in such a way that I think I registered it subliminally, while on a conscious level I was taken completely by surprise. Readers may well find themselves slapping their foreheads and uttering phrases along the lines of: “Of course! Why didn’t I realise?”.’

Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!: ‘Philip Purser-Hallard is one of the two or three best science fiction and fantasy writers in the world today […] This is a book I’m going to be pushing people to read.’

Pamphlets of Destiny: ‘as a novel it has defied my narrative expectations, and is in all respects pretty bloody formidable […] Philip Purser-Hallard has achieved that rare balance of a way above average intellectually stimulating novel you can read by the pool with a beer and a hot dog.’

By Hook Or By Book: ‘This was honestly one of the most interesting books I’ve read all year! […] I cannot recommend this book enough! It’s exciting and suspenseful, and I finished it in two days.’

Finn Clark’s Reviews: ‘In short, a good’un. […] The more we learn about the devices, the more we’re interested. It’s intelligent, painstakingly thought through and on the evidence so far, with easily enough potential for a trilogy. Admirable.’

Hollow Spectaculars: ‘I finished Philip Purser-Hallard’s new book earlier and I need to gush about it […] it’s an exciting thriller with great characters and you should all read it.’

Pendragon Waterstones 2

‘This is great storytelling […] The pivot in perspective which occurs at the end of Book I is fun and effective […] The set pieces also unfold vividly and with realism, with a great sense of visual flair.’
[Dan Smith]
‘A Superb mix of action-adventure, fantasy and mysticism […] full of engaging ideas, plot twists and fully-rounded characters […] I genuinely can’t wait for the next one.’ [Mark Davies]
‘WOW. Just wow.’ [Sarah]
‘A fantastic, in every respect, novel, which manages the impossible and does something new and interesting with the Arthurian legends.’ [Stuart Douglas]
‘Our hero is […] a wonderful creation […] The narrator is an inspired choice […] enough happens here that many writers would easily have got a whole trilogy out of it, instead of just the first volume.’ [Alex Sarll]
‘Both an action adventure, and a cool hard look at British Values […] The only reason I don’t give this a five is that I need the wiggle room to score the next book at five.’ [Simon Bucher-Jones]

‘Exciting, thoughtful, casting a wry look at our standards in modern society.’ [‘John’]

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