Big Jack Bennett

‘There’s some, though,’ he goes on, ‘who don’t think that way. Some who think their myths and legends are enough to justify the way things are. Who think that kings and barons and knights should be in charge, because of a king once who – they say – was better than all the rest. Some people can’t let go of those old stories and see things how they are – and that affects us all. We live in a country where a man calling himself a Knight can kill a young girl and walk away scot free, because of who he thinks he is. That privilege has got to be taken away.

‘Some legends help us grow as a people; some hold us back. Some legends show us better ways to be human, and to be British; others do nowt but tell us that the old ways are the best. Some legends tell us to take a stand against the oppressors, whatever the cost; some tell us that God’s on the oppressors’ side and we might as well give in to them.

‘Well, what I say is – give me the legends that are on the side of real people, not of money and wealth and power and inheritance, because those others aren’t fit for me to wipe my arse with!’

The Locksley Exploit, p323

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