Bonnie Laing

‘My lord, beg pardon and that,’ says Bonnie.

The Head nods graciously.  ‘Go ahead, Bonnie,’ he says.

She does.  ‘Thanks, my lord.  It’s not just the shooting, is it?  If a normal person wanted to kill you, they’d’ve hid in the crowd with a gun.  Lots of cover, plenty of opportunity.  They’d’ve got caught, but it’s not like Brewster was gonna get away with it either.  What Brewster did?  Get hold of military-grade camouflage, go and stand right where the High King’s coming and just wait?  That’s not normal, that’s making a statement – I’m gonna kill you by being invisible.  Only someone with an ally – sorry – with a device is going to do that.  Sounds to me like Sir Garlon fits the spec, my lord.’

– Trojans, p58

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