David Stafford

Deep in thought, Sir David enters Trafalgar Square, the site of the first battle in the War of the Devices – in which he, caught up in the chaos of that time like everybody else, fought on the Green Chapel’s side against many of the men he now commands. He’s been here many times since then, of course, and has become desensitised to its associations.

When he’s distracted, as he is today, he can walk through the square and barely hear the shrieks and sobs of the crowd, the rhythms of charging hooves and discharging machine-guns, the bellows and defiant choruses of ‘The Green Flag’. The David who rallied the Chapel protestors here, the man who temporarily forsook the device of Sir Galahad for that of Richard the Lionheart returned from the Crusades, is a distant memory to the Seneschal – even if the flagstones still show the scars from that day, and Landseer’s bronze lions bear its bullet-tracks.

Trojans, p27

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