Janene Long

Anyone with an ally knows, of course, that belief can affect the body in remarkable ways, but curing an actual physical disease seems to Janene to go way beyond that.  Admittedly she’s no doctor either, but she’s pretty sure her parents, who’ve worked their whole lives as NHS nurses in Carlisle and still attend church every Sunday, wouldn’t even give that thought the time of day.

And since her considered view since the age of thirteen has been that Christianity’s a load of old toss, she doesn’t believe God’s doing it either.

The people here aren’t rich, just desperate.  Some of them have been spending their life savings to follow Schultz around the country, buying tickets and making larger donations at every session.  Honest thieving from those who can afford it is something Janene can admire – she’d hardly be in the Green Chapel otherwise – but this is something different.  The idea of playing on people’s gullibility this way sickens her, as it would many an honest armed robber, to the core.

She’s going to put a stop to it.

– Trojans, pp105-06

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