Malory Wendiman

By the time they arrived, to no-one’s great surprise, Alison Sedgewater was gone. The data they managed to salvage was patchy and corrupted, but it was enough to confirm Beddowes’ suspicions, and reveal some things that he – and everyone else, to be fair – had never imagined.

Firstly, as I’m sure I hardly need to spell out at this point, ‘Dr Alison Sedgwater’ was the High King’s ex, Dr Malory Wendiman. While she hadn’t, of course, been dense enough to leave that name on the computer, the IT guys were able to reconstruct a partial photo of a paler, redder-haired Dr Sedgwater whose appearance was more immediately familiar.

Secondly, in her spare time ‘Dr Sedgwater’ had been using data and specialist software from the MRF systems to develop a subtler and more vicious form of the Wendiman Derangement, although the information about how that might have worked was also partial.

And thirdly… thirdly, there was the other person in the photograph.

Trojans, pp82-83

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