Paul Parsons

The city’s already under discreet Circle occupation, with men-at-arms cordoning off parts of the major streets where the High King’s motorcade will pass, and occupying – as politely as possible, but forcibly where necessary – the student rooms overlooking the archways and courtyards where he’ll walk. Supervising them is Paul Parsons, the bondsman of Sir Lancelot: it’s a bit of a change of pace for one of the Circle’s top men, but the Seneschal’s assigned him to light duties after his run-in with Hellawes.

It’s unusual, in fact, for Paul to have this much contact with his liege lord. As Parsons’s sovereign it goes without saying that Jory commands his unswerving loyalty… but unlike the Arthur and Lancelot of legend, who were BFFs before predictably falling out over a girl, they don’t actually get on that well. When Paul was his squire Jory found him petty, snobbish and self-righteous, and the Knight didn’t disguise his distaste terribly well. Although High King Jordan’s unfailingly gracious to him now, of course, Paul’s a proud man and the niggling memory has prevented them ever becoming close.

Trojans, pp75-76

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