Rev Cantrell

Rev Cantrell surfaces from his tent at a little after eleven, a time by which the more enthusiastic risers in the Green Chapel encampment have been up a good six hours. Indeed, he met a handful of them on his way to bed.

Rev’s vowed several times recently to make it up to the Chapel camp for a proper get-together and pow-wow, and he’s a man who takes his promises seriously. Besides, he gets the sense that there’s some actual dissatisfaction among the Chapel, and it’s clearly part of his function as Friar Tuck’s ally, as well as his nebulously-defined official job, to resolve that kind of thing before it festers.

Accordingly, he rolled up last night in his government limo, with a case of rare vintage port, a bucket and a ladle, and announced to everyone in earshot that the party was now in session.

Trojans, p146

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