‘OK Scar, time to divulge,’ Ron tells the older woman after they’ve all bid Rev goodbye. ‘You said Friar Tuck wasn’t the only holy man the Merry Men had. So who’s the other?’

Scar scowls at him for a few seconds, then sighs. ‘You’re too young to have seen Robin of Sherwood, aye Ron?’

Ron bristles. ‘Of course not! I loved that show when I was a kid. I had a massive crush on Jonas Armstrong.’

Scar tuts. ‘No that one, you daft wee child. I’m talking the ’80s one, with that Jason Connery. Lived in a forest but always had perfect fucking hair. On every week when I was a girl.’

‘Well prior to my time, then,’ Ron says dismissively.

– Trojans, p159

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