Sir Charles Raymond

‘Heard you had a spot of bother at the Southbank Centre,’ Raymond confides. Jory knows the old man still has sources at the Fastness, but all this demonstrates is that he has access to news outlets.

‘Nothing the Knights couldn’t handle,’ Jory replies smoothly. ‘They acquitted themselves admirably.’

Sir Charles grunts. ‘Pleased to hear it,’ he says. ‘Stafford holding up well, is he?’ He always asks this, despite the fact that David has run the Circle with considerably more competence and efficiency than he ever did.

‘I’m very pleased with his service, Charles,’ the Pendragon replies. ‘He’s a credit to your legacy.’

Raymond bristles. ‘No need to patronise me, m’lord,’ he says. ‘May be old. Not bonkers yet.’

‘No, of course not.’ Jory sighs slightly less inwardly. ‘Well, I do have work to do, so…’

– Trojans, p116

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