Stephen Mukherjee

He pauses to take stock. He’s as gung-ho as any Knight of the Circle when it comes to danger to life and limb, and has cheerfully ridden, abseiled and hang-glided into battle against enemies from the Saxon Shield to the Gormund Boys, without a thought for his own personal wellbeing. This, though, is a different class of danger. This threat is far more philosophical than the ones he’s used to.

Still, he thinks, there’s no point shilly-shallying. There’s every chance that any booby-trap will instead be physical, using actual explosives – so that’s all right. I mean, how much of those can you fit inside a tablet, realistically speaking?

‘Best get outside, chaps,’ he tells the men-at-arms. The sergeant-at-arms dutifully protests, but Stephen just as dutifully – and a touch impatiently – overrules him. They clatter out and close the door behind them.

Quickly, Stephen steps forward and opens the tablet.

Trojans, p195

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