Tania Woodville

‘I’ve met Retho.’  Woodville’s words surprise Stephen, even though Sir Tristan’s notoriety as a slayer of giants is the reason the subject’s come up.  He’d missed this particular piece of gossip.

Gratified by his attention, his colleague continues.  ‘He appeared a couple of years ago in Dundee.  Hitched to a man named Bob McTeague – a barber, appropriately enough.’  Apart from being huge and murderous, Retho of Arvaius’s USP was his cloak of beards, sewn together from the facial hair of the kings he’d killed. ‘Of course McTeague didn’t just hang on to the hair he shaved off his customers – that wouldn’t have been Retho’s style.  No, our boy followed them home afterwards and did them in there.  The boys and girls in Devicial Analysis eventually spotted a pattern in the local police reports, put one and three together, and sent me.

‘I managed to bring him back alive,’ Woodville concludes, not unsmugly.  The Circle’s arcanely complex code of honour doesn’t actually include a stipulation of modesty, and Stephen understands – few male Knights better, in fact – why Tania Woodville might be tempted to talk up her accomplishments to her colleagues. ‘He’s in the Benwick now.’

– Trojans, p96

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